Alden Auto Show 2018

FAQ’s – list


Are bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades allowed at the show?

NO. Because of the amount of spectators and the high priced cars around the show grounds, we ask that you walk the show. Also please refrain from bringing any type of motorized vehicles, golf carts, hover boards, etc. for the safety of everyone at the show.

Is there spectator parking at the show?

To provide the best show available, we fill the grounds, schools, and area behind the bank with show vehicles. This does not allow for parking in these areas for spectators. We do offer a FREE shuttle service from offsite parking. This FREE parking is located at __________ with shuttles running nonstop loops to and from the show.

Where is the handicapped parking located?

We typically reserve the north side of Broadway near the town gazebo for handicapped parking. If this changes we will update this here, so please check back before the show date.

Are drones allowed at the show?

No. For everyone’s safety, please keep all remote and radio controlled vehicles at home. We have approved drones for use in filming of the show in the past. This approval must come from the show committee in writing and be kept on the operator at all times to be presented when asked for by any committee member or show security.

What happens if it rains?

The show will go on so bring an umbrella… Our show has had great luck in the past but if it rains you can still enjoy the vehicles that will show up, along with the foods, crafts, swap meet and live bands. It will still be a fun event for the entire family.


Is there water and electricity hook ups available?

NO. Please bring any water you may need to run your stand for the day. You may bring generators that have mufflers and are not causing a disruption to the other vendors, spectators or vehicle owners.

What is the best time to show up for setup?

The committee has someone on the grounds starting mid afternoon THE DAY BEFORE the show (Saturday). If possible this is the best time to arrive and find where you will be vending from. If you are coming the day of show, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND coming as early as possible. Show cars begin coming into the grounds at 7:00am. Parking of these cars efficiently is our first priority and there is very little room to drive around and setup your booth. After 7am, you will NOT be allowed to drive into the grounds by security!

What type of area will I be setup in?

We do our best to help everyone get the best area for what they are vending. Most spots will be grass and nearly level. We do have some spots that are on blacktop. If you have particular needs, do not wait until the day of show to talk to us. All vending spots are determined weeks before the show so talk to us as soon as possible.