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Pizza Vendor

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Hotdog Vendor

ELECTRIC: There is NO electric provided.
GENERATORS: Only QUIET generators will be allowed. Please make sure all generators are muffled. Generators causing excessive noise or fumes are forbidden. Generators that vent exhaust fumes directly into adjoining vendor spaces are strictly prohibited.
GOLF CARTS: Golf carts are strictly prohibited.
FRY OIL: NO frying oil can be left behind at the event! Vendors must contain and remove all frying oils when they leave. DUMPING OF OIL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
TRASH REMOVAL: All garbage, cardboard, or unsold equipment must be removed by the Vendor. A charge will be rendered for any cleanup required and, if not paid, the Vendor will not be allowed in future shows.
APPROPRIATE DISPLAYS AND BEHAVIOR: Family-oriented items only. Please, no explicit/vulgar/nude content material or goods. No foul language to be used to other venders or to committee members. This will result in immediate shutdown of your vending site by security.
VENDOR SPACES: Vendors must keep all merchandise, displays, equipment, tables, chairs, vehicles, and trailers within the confines of their booth space in order not to interfere with neighboring vendors and pedestrian aisle ways. No admittance into the show after 7:30am.Vendor form to be filled out by contact on this form. If that person is not there you will be asked to leave.
DONATION SOLICITATION: It is strictly prohibited to solicit donations either written or spoken for Mercy Flight (or any other organization) at the event.